Featured Project

Perspectives in History

Suggested Levels: Grades 9-12

This project introduces students to two fictitious characters who present two different perspectives on North American history from the early 1500’s to the mid-1600’s. Gesig, a young Mi’kmaq woman, shares her perspective of life before and immediately after first contact with Europeans. André, a French explorer, tells how he arrived in 1600 and was there to help establish the first trading post at Tadoussac.

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Who do you see?

This is a Summative Assessment Situation (SAS) designed to assess reading and writing skills. In the first part of the SAS, students are asked to respond to and interpret a short story. In the second part, they are provided with a series of tasks that leads them to the writing assignment (short story). Rubrics are provided for assessing both the reading and the writing tasks.

Le vieillissement

Niveaux suggérés: Secondaire 4-5, 10e-12e année

Ce projet permet d’initier les élèves aux différentes réalités vécues par la population vieillissante.

Le Système Solaire

Niveaux envisagés : 5e à 7e année
Les élèves travaillent en équipe afin d’explorer ensemble le système solaire pour mieux comprendre celui-ci et pour développer leur expertise sur une planète en particulier ou sur un groupe de planètes.