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Plant Series: Germination

Suggested levels: Grades 4-6. This project teaches students about germination. Students also learn about the scientific method and explore the method as they conduct their own research on plants.

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The Legend of Sedna

Suggested Levels: Grades 3-6

The Legend of Sedna continues to inspire Inuit artists in many mediums as it is a dark and exciting tale. Students will be asked to share what they know about legends through the help of guiding questions. Then they will listen to a podcast that recounts the Legend of Sedna told by an Inuit woman. After a second listening, students will be asked to consider the legend and a piece of art that they could create inspired by a part of the story.

*ce projet est aussi disponible en français

De quoi ça parle

Niveaux suggérés: 4e à 6e année

(Aperçu des tâches ): 1. Les élèves écouteront le fichier audio du modèle de scénario. 2. Les élèves devront se pratiquer avec un partenaire. 3. Les élèves choisiront l'un des quatre scénarios de début de conversation et écriront la -deuxième scène de la conversation qui, selon eux, se déroule.

Haiku and Amazing Sea Life

Suggested levels: Grades 4-6. This is a short project on haiku. The humpback whale is presented as inspiration for students to explore the art of haiku poetry. Once the students have had an opportunity to write haiku using the whale as their model they are then directed to choose one of the other examples of underwater life that are presented to them through a variety of images.