Featured Project

The Sun, Earth and Moon

Suggested Levels: Grades 4-7

This project introduces upper elementary students to the relationship between the sun, Earth and the moon.

Through a video, students are presented with concepts such as day and night and the phases of the moon. Guiding questions are provided for each expert group to initiate their exploration of either the sun, or Earth, or the moon.

Students are expected to conduct research and to determine what is the most important information they would like to share with their peers.

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Language Arts & Biology

Anne Frank and the Courage of Upstanders

Suggested Levels: Grades 7-10.

This project, centred around Anne Frank and her family during WWII, sets the stage to discuss and explore the idea of Upstanders from the contexts of History, Geography and Language Arts.

This project is also a great jumping-off point for discussions of current-day upstanders, allowing you to incorporate current events and further engage your learners.

It has also been designed, from the ground up, to take advantage of our beautiful Theater Mode, for whole class exploration, sharing and discussion.

Media & Language Arts

Environmental Ethics vs. Economics

This project highlights the challenges we face as an ever-expanding population creates greater economic growth that relies heavily on being situated in and around estuaries.

Through a video, students are presented with a few examples of estuaries and the populations already living in these environmentally sensitive areas.

Students will be challenged to explore an estuary of their choice and to provide research data that demonstrates the particular concerns faced in various parts of the world as humankind struggles to balance a desire for economic growth against the health of our planet.

Grade 4

Ethics & Language Arts

Les détectives du passé

Niveaux envisagés : 4e-7e année

Ce projet permettra d’initier les élèves à la compréhension des répercussions que les évènements historiques peuvent avoir au fil du temps.

Les élèves joueront le rôle d’historien et tenteront d’interpréter des documents relatant un évènement historique du milieu des années 1900. Vers la fin du projet, une vidéo sera présentée aux élèves. Elle leur permettra de valider leur analyse des documents concernant le déroulement des évènements.

Ce projet est l’occasion pour les élèves de déduire l’enchaînement logique de certains moments passés, d’explorer différents scénarios et d’appuyer leurs interprétations avec l’information qui leur est présentée sous diverses formes.