Let’s Judge a Book By Its Cover

SAS (Summative Assessment) | English

Suggested Levels: Grades 7-9

In order to write a scary story, the writer must pay close attention to the particular elements of the genre that create suspense, build tension and excite fear in the reader’s mind. Students will have fun writing their own scary stories. For inspiration, they will be shown a number of book covers and asked to choose the one that interests them most. When they have finished writing their stories, students will be invited to design their own book cover based on the story they wrote.

*ce projet est aussi disponible en français

This assessment tool focuses on the task of writing a scary story. Students will start by reading a piece of flash fiction, after which they will have an opportunity to discuss the story with a peer. Some guiding questions are provided to help students deconstruct the text in preparation for their own writing. Following this, they will deconstruct the story illustrations to further explore elements of text.

Students will then select a book cover from the collection provided and choose one to use as inspiration for their own story.

Subjects: English Language Arts, Reading, Writing

This project consists of:

  • Flash Fiction Story
  • A collection of book covers