Your Voice, Your Story

Project | English

Your Voice, Your Story is an opportunity to discuss and explore the chapter of Canadian history that saw the development of residential and Indian day schools.

This project is based on a collection of pieces that presents different voices and different accounts of students who lived in residential schools or attended Indian day schools. Also included are stories of people who grew up bearing the legacy of such institutions.

Using different stories told through a variety of voices, this project asks students to deconstruct the techniques used by the various authors and to determine how these techniques helped convey the author’s meaning.

Students will then be asked to tell their own story in their own voice, or to tell the story of someone else who may not have a voice. Using some or all of the techniques they have studied in this context, students are asked to find the way they can best convey the message they want to share.

Media included in this project:

  • 1 short film by Kent Monkman

  • 1 article by Jodie Barnaby

  • 1 interview with Mia Tenasco and slam poetry by Mia and Mina