The Solar System

Project | Grade 6 | English

Suggested levels: Grades 5-7. Students work in teams to explore and better understand the solar system and to develop their expertise relating to either the Inner or Outer Planets. The project is initiated with a video that depicts the building of a scale model of the solar system in the Black Rock Desert.
This project provides questions designed to steer students in their research on each individual planet. Student research groups are also responsible for creating their own pertinent questions regarding information they discover about a planet, as well as questions concerning what they consider to be important data not already provided in the resources. Students present their findings on either individual planets or the Inner planets or the Outer planets.


QEP: Science & Technology/Competency 3/Earth and Space/Systems and Interaction/Solar System

Ontario: Science & Technology/Grade 6/Space/Knowledge and Understanding/Thinking and Investigation/Communication

BC: Science/Grade 6/Content:Components of Our Solar System

Saskatchewan: Earth and Space Science/Our Solar System/SS6.1

Posters: 8 planets + Sun + Outer Planets + Inner Planets