Inuit Legends

Project | English

Suggested Levels: Grades 3-6

Inuit legends are both entertaining and instructional. This project includes a selection of three video productions of well-known Inuit legends. Students will explore how legends often feature animals with human characteristics.

Ultimately, students will write their own legend, which they will share with the class. The project includes individual, pair and whole class activities.

Students will share their thinking about the different human character traits that we often associate with different animals.

They will then view the three video productions and consider what human traits were given to the animals in the films, and why they were given to those animals. Following this, students will explore what possible traits might be given to other animals and which of those animals they could use in crafting their own legend.

They will finish the project by writing their own legend and sharing it with their peers.

Subjects: English Language Arts, Indigenous Studies, Arts

Included in this project:

  • 3 Videos

  • A collection of animal images