Quick Write Journal

Bytes | Grade 8 | English

This project template provides students a location to collect a bank of potential ideas over the course of the year that could become potential story ideas.

The most important idea is that students get an opportunity to respond to a piece of writing, an image, or a video clip and write down their ideas in 3-5 minutes freely and without worry of evaluation.

Students are often at a loss for what to write but in this case it is a short amount of time and they can write whatever comes to mind in response to the media being presented. Students can also use this bank to choose a potential quick write that they want to work into a piece of writing.

Quick writes are basically an opportunity for students to get words on the page. Ideas do not always flow freely for a lot of students so the quick write is an opportunity to listen to a passage read aloud by the teacher, to view a quick video clip or to respond to an image on the screen.

With a 3-5 minute window established for quick writes, with time students recognize that this not polished writing but merely an opportunity to get their ideas on the page. Often they do not realize that certain texts will prompt ideas for them and are surprised by what they are able to come up with in a quick write. It also establishes a bank of potential writing ideas that can be developed into written pieces.

Tracking all those pieces in an online journal also allows students to assess their own development as writers. They will see how they have developed through this process throughout the course of the year.

Media included in this project:

  • 4 Videos: 'Ten Little Fingers ', 'Starry Night', 'Tuurngait', 'The Present'

  • 4 Images: 'Wendelin Jacober 1, 2 & 3', 'Rural',