The St. Lawrence Estuary

Project | English

Suggested Levels: Grades 7-9

Students examine the importance of the St. Lawrence Estuary as a year-round home for the beluga as well as an annual source of food for migrating whales. In participating in the creation of a digital magazine, students also develop an understanding of how to engage an audience through their production of information-based texts, both print and media.

Students explore and learn about the St. Lawrence Estuary in Quebec, Canada, that extends from Île d'Orléans, an island near Quebec City, to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. As students proceed through the project they are expected to collect ideas and information to use in the production of an online magazine.

Each student is responsible for contributing one print text and one other media text to the final production. This project covers environmental studies, general science as well as skill development in writing and producing information-based print and media texts.

This project situates students in the heart of the estuary where they explore the unique beauty of the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park. Through a series of videos and podcasts, students explore the St. Lawrence Channel, the marine animal population and the ecosystem that draws various species back each year to the estuary.

This project can be completed as is, or it can be divided into sub-categories.

* There is also a SAS that has been designed to accompany this project for assessment purposes.

Included in this project:

  • 3 Videos: 'The St. Lawrence Channel', 'Who Lives Here?', 'What's For Dinner?'

  • 2 Podcasts:'The Humpback Whale Song', 'Beluga Whales and Echolocation'

  • Transcripts of Podcasts