Haiku and Amazing Sea Life

Project | Grade 5 | English

Suggested levels: Grades 4-6. This is a short project on haiku. The humpback whale is presented as inspiration for students to explore the art of haiku poetry. Once the students have had an opportunity to write haiku using the whale as their model they are then directed to choose one of the other examples of underwater life that are presented to them through a variety of images.

In the first stage of this project, students will learn about humpback whales. They will learn basic facts about the whale as well as hear the amazing sounds made by the humpback whale. The humpback whale is a point of inspiration for them to write haiku poetry with a partner. Students will follow that up with their own haiku poetry. A selection of images representing different sea life are made available to them in their mThey will demonstrate their listening comprehension skills by identifying the key information presented in a podcast on echolocation.

Students will then read two short volumes of the newsletter, ’Underwater Universe’, to further their understanding about beluga whales and the dangers these animals face in their habitat.

Questions are included that prompt students to reveal their understanding at various levels of comprehension and to prepare them for their final task.

The final task will be to select one of the species categorized on the SARA infographic and then to prepare a presentation about their chosen species, the threats it faces and the steps humans need to take to save it. Students will select a media format for their own presentation.

Media included in this project:

  • 1 Video 'The Humpback Whale'

  • 2 Haiku Poems

  • 5 Infographics: Species at Risk Act