Environmental Ethics vs. Economics

Project | English

This project highlights the challenges we face as an ever-expanding population creates greater economic growth that relies heavily on being situated in and around estuaries.

Through a video, students are presented with a few examples of estuaries and the populations already living in these environmentally sensitive areas.

Students will be challenged to explore an estuary of their choice and to provide research data that demonstrates the particular concerns faced in various parts of the world as humankind struggles to balance a desire for economic growth against the health of our planet.

Students will have the opportunity to explore existing estuaries and the impact of humans living in and around them.

Students will choose a particular estuary that they wish to explore further. They are provided with a selection of essential/guiding questions to initiate their thinking for their research. Students are also encouraged to write their own essential/guiding question if they feel they have an idea for one that is more appropriate to their chosen estuary.

Media included in this project:

  • 1 Video