Renewable Resources

Project | Grade 6 | English

Suggested levels: Grades 5-7. This project provides students with an opportunity to explore the different forms of energy. Students will be working in teams with one team being assigned fossil fuels and the other team working on renewable resources. Both teams will be responsible for research and presentation of their findings. This project combines critical thinking, research skills, team discussion and presentation. This is a great opportunity for small group discussions as well as larger whole class conversations.

This project is very flexible and can be applied at either the upper elementary or early secondary levels. The expectations will change but students will have a great opportunity to understand existing sources of energy and the pros and cons of the different energy options. In this project students will work on a research team, create a flow chart or mind map, design a poster or visual art to convince their audience of the importance of renewable energy.

This project consists of:

  • 1 video
  • Infographs on Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuels
  • Model of a Poster