Plant Series: Pollination

Project | Grade 5 | English

Suggested levels: Grades 3-6. This is a comprehensive project that introduces students to pollination, parts of the female and male flower, as well as a highlight on bees and their role in pollination. The resources on bees also provide students with a model for their own research project.

This project is part of the "Plant Series" which introduces elementary students to different topics such as pollination, germination, reproduction and fertilization. In this project, students will learn about the role of pollination in food production and about the various pollinators that make it possible for plants to grow. Students will be asked to choose one of the pollinators and to research the way in which it carries out its role.

Included in this project:

  • 1 Video

  • Series of 8 documents on Pollination

  • Newsletter for Reading