Perspectives in History

Project | English

Suggested Levels: Grades 9-12

This project introduces students to two fictitious characters who present two different perspectives on North American history from the early 1500’s to the mid-1600’s. Gesig, a young Mi’kmaq woman, shares her perspective of life before and immediately after first contact with Europeans. André, a French explorer, tells how he arrived in 1600 and was there to help establish the first trading post at Tadoussac.

  1. In the initiating task, students experience what it’s like to have someone tell their story told for them.
  2. Students then explore their own understanding of North American history from the early 1500s to the mid-1600s..
  3. Expert groups are established to study Gesig’s story, which is told through a collection of audio files, and André’s story, which is told through a series of journal entries.
  4. Students will have an opportunity to listen to the authors talk about how they created their characters.
  5. Students are asked to produce a final production piece (written text, media production etc.) which is a reflection of the overall theme.
  6. An enrichment piece turns the focus to the power of perspective as presented through visual art.

Media included in this project:

  • Enhanced Podcast: Introduction to Gesig and André

  • Podcast: Author’s Talk on Creative License in Historical Fiction

  • Series of Audio Files: Historical Account of the life of Gesig, a young Mi’kmaq woman

  • Transcript for Audio Files

  • Glossary for Mi’kmaq Vocabulary

  • Series of Journal Entries: Historical Account of the life of André, a young French explorer

  • Art: Les castors du roi by Kent Monkman

  • Art: Art productions by Paul Kane