Elementary English Language Arts Assessment

SAS (Summative Assessment) | Grade 6 | English

Suggested Levels: Grades 5-6.

This is an assessment project that focuses on both reading and written production tasks. Students have a short story to read. The short story touches on the theme of perseverance. Students will then watch a video that initiates the written production task. Students will write a short narrative text or a short story.

This assessment is intended for upper elementary. Students are provided with a short text for reading. Students are expected to then demonstrate their understanding of the text in a written response to literature. Following the reading task students will then view a short video that sets them up for the writing task. The video touches on the theme of challenges and how we deal with challenges. Students will be expected to think of a challenge that they might have faced or someone they know and to craft a story that shares that particular challenge

Media included in this project:

  • 1 short story 'Face Plant'

  • 3 Infographics

  • 1 video