Anne Frank and the Courage of Upstanders

Project | English

Suggested Levels: Grades 7-10.

This project, centred around Anne Frank and her family during WWII, sets the stage to discuss and explore the idea of Upstanders from the contexts of History, Geography and Language Arts.

This project is also a great jumping-off point for discussions of current-day upstanders, allowing you to incorporate current events and further engage your learners.

It has also been designed, from the ground up, to take advantage of our beautiful Theater Mode, for whole class exploration, sharing and discussion.

Students learn about the Anne Frank story as well as the people that risked their own lives to help them. (upstanders)

The final project requires students to select an upstander from any point in history and complete the research in order to present that upstander or group of upstanders to their peers.

Included in this project:

  • 2 Videos: The Frank Story and The Upstanders

  • 1 Image

  • 2 Passages from Anne Frank's journal

  • 1 Article: The Netherlands During WWII

  • 1 Text: The Courage of Friends

  • 1 Short Story: The Rat