Layering in Short Stories

Bytes | English

Suggested Levels: Grades 9-12

In this krispii byte, students will explore and develop an understanding of the importance of layering.

They have an opportunity to follow the progress of a writer developing a short story in which he reveals his writing process on the page. The writer develops a basic idea (character, setting and potential mood) into an actual short story.

Students will discuss with their peers the process that they observe and also experiment with layering on their own as they attempt to follow the model provided by the writer.

This project gets students talking about short story writing and moving beyond their initial fears of how to develop an idea into a story. Students follow the progress of a writer that reveals layer by layer their strategy for developing a story that engages the reader and provides a context for the character, what the story is about and why it matters.

Think/pair/share strategy is used in this activity to initiate talk. This is a simple strategy requiring students to work with a partner to elaborate on their thinking about what they are seeing evolve in the development of the story layers.

Students will be initiating their own story idea in this byte in order to practice the technique of layering.

The full short story that was completed by the author is also available in the byte.

Included in this project:

  • 4 Layers of a Short Story

  • 1 Short Story: 'The Fear'

Media included in this project:

  • 4 Layers of a Short Story

  • 1 Short Story: 'The Fear'