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SAS (Summative Assessment) | English

This is a Summative Assessment Situation (SAS) designed to assess reading and writing skills. In the first part of the SAS, students are asked to respond to and interpret a short story. In the second part, they are provided with a series of tasks that leads them to the writing assignment (short story). Rubrics are provided for assessing both the reading and the writing tasks.

*ce projet est aussi disponible en français

Students are presented with a short story in the first part of the SAS. They are required to write an analysis/interpretation demonstrating their understanding of the story in consideration of author's craft (voice, structures and features of text, meaning). In the second part of the SAS, students are presented with a short media clip intended to introduce the concept of perception and to initiate their thinking towards the completion of a written production task which is related to that concept.

Curriculum alignment:

  • Quebec: English Language Arts/Secondary Cycle 1/ Reading Process/Interpretation of Texts/ Written Production/Plans & Drafts Texts/Post Production
  • Ontario: English Language Arts/Grade 8-9/Reading for Meaning/Understanding Form and Style /Knowledge and Understanding/Thinking and Investigation/Writing/Developing and Organizing Content/Topic-Purpose-Audience/Voice-Sentence Craft-Fluency
  • Strong>BC: English Language Arts/grade 8 -9/Reading, Listening, Viewing/Create and Communicate
  • Alberta: English Language Arts/General Outcome 2/2.1 to 2.4/Create Original Text
  • Saskatchewan: English Language Arts/grade 8-9/Comprehend and Respond/Compose and Create
  • Enhanced Podcast
  • Series of Images (7 Images of Different Individuals, 6 Images of Settings)
  • Short Story
  • Rubric for Reading Assessment
  • Rubric for Written Production